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Question 1 believes that the customers are the top priority, and they have a satisfaction guarantee. also strongly believes in the value of the customer relationships; therefore, it focuses on ensuring that it has a better understanding of it customers and ensure that they receive then best customer services and fulfill their needs. An example of addressing customer issues that apply to is SAS. With the use of SAS, the company can build relationships with customer, encourage cross-brand shopping, and also increase the lifetime customer spending. With SAS it helps the company to find the customer insight, predict what customers will want, and also drive new revenue ideas. The company considered using SAS data mining tools so as to get deep into the data assets and be able to know the patterns of its customers and use the knowledge gained into the business transactions. Walmart is an example of a company that uses SAS where customer analytics look t data from retailers to better understand the customer behavior outside Walmart.

Question 2 tends to use data mining in cross-selling. The company uses data mining so as to help it understand the needs of the customers through analyzing the data it has about the customer. Data mining as used by the company helps it understand who its customers are and what the drivers of the customer behavior are and also what motivates them to transact with Data mining tends to help the company in cross-selling as it helps understand the cross channels, and the cross brand marketing opportunities. Through data mining, it allows to hone on these opportunities. normally uses data mining to provide customers with different selections that relate to their interests. For instance, if a client considers buying tulips, the company tends to show the customer the newest tulip selection that is available.

Question 3

Wong, R Fu, A & Wang, K (2005) Data mining for inventory item selection with cross-selling considerations. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

The article describes how data mining as a pillar in customer relationship management plays a significant role in business expansion. As described in the article, the most critical task in data mining is decision-making.

Iyer, B Parise, S &Vesset, D (2012). Four strategies to capture and create value from the big data. Ivey Business Journal.

The article describes how collecting data can create value for the business. The authors state that the companies that effectively implement and create big data strategies have a chance of gaining a competitive advantage.

Question 4 tends to use different challenges in selling to its customers. Some of the channels used by the company include websites, direct-mailing, and telephone selling. The company uses multiple channels in selling so as to support one another and expand and maintain the customer service standard and the quality of the business. With the different channels used, combining data from these channels can be a challenge for the company. A major challenge is reorganizing the company so that it can accommodate the challenge. In the process, it may affect the operations of the company and also the performance of the company. When considering this case, the company did reduce the marketing mailing, and it increased the response rates.

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