Case Study 3: Harrah’s Entertainment & Expedia (Turban: Chapter 3, Page 82 & 100)

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Q1: Describe Harrah’s marketing strategy. How does Harrah’s strategy differ from its competitors?

Being the largest entertainment company, Harrah’s entertainment has a different marketing strategy from its competitors. The business marketing strategy was based on its ability to provide great services and rewarding loyalty. The strategy was aimed at attracting customers seeking the business’s services. The strategy was characterized by creative marketing, operation excellence and information technology. The hiring of Gary Loveman was necessary to turn the company into a market driven firm that would be based on customer loyalty. Harrah’s competitors invest in shopping malls, lavish hotels and other attractions.

Q2: What is Harrah’s Total Rewards program? In the context of BI, what does the program provide to Harrah’s?

Harrah’s total reward program was established to reward loyal customers who chose the company in the highly competitive market. The purpose of the program was to attract and retain customers that were critical to the success of the business. The business had established that attracting and retaining customers would not only be done through lavish accommodation and environment. Total reward program would be effective in persuading gamblers to spend more money in the business. Total reward program rewarded customers’ gifts for activities carried out in the business. Additionally, it provided the business with necessary real time transaction data on customers and their purchasing and gaming behavior.

 Q3: What are the basic elements of Harrah’s closed-loop marketing system and how does it help to improve ROIs?

Harrah’s closed loop is a marketing system formed by data warehouses. Closed loop formed the basis of Harrah’s marketing campaign. The business was able to clearly define its marketing campaign objectives, to determine the types of campaigns that gave the optimal returns and to execute and monitor the campaigns. The benefit to the business was a highly differentiated service frame work that improved customer satisfaction. The closed loop program helped improve Return on investment through producing considerable returns. The returns were in the form of a brand identity for the Casino, enhanced customer retention, increased attraction of customers who brought in millions of dollars in profitability and increased investment in information technology. The overall result is that customers have increased their discretionary spending in Harrah’s from year to year as compared to competitors. These trends led to a substantial increase in business revenue.

Case Study 3: Dallas Cowboys & Expedia (Turban: Chapter 3, Page 121 and 138)

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 Q1: Describe the major challenges and objectives of the Dallas Cowboys merchandising hiring of Microsoft? Did this work? 

The major challenge faced by Dallas Cowboys is declining amount of Revenues made from the staggering sales of apparel and licensed goods. This is the major reason which is one of the main reasons why Dallas decided to go it alone. Since making their maiden game appearance in the early sentries, the group had appeared in several champions games. Despite winning many championship games and remaining one of the most popular teams, they recorder low revenue margins compared to competitors. Instead of leaving the market the marketing to a famous branding company, Dallas cowboys made strides to try and make value by acquiring a new partner. The partner would try to market anddistribute the company’s merchandise. Another challenge is that the popularity of the Dallas Cowboys Merchandising had gone down. Thus, the owner of the group advocated for the club managing its own marks and logos to increase the popularity of the team.

Q2: Who did Dallas Cowboys hire to facilitate the visualization process? What products and solutions did they put in place? In the context of BI what did this provide to the Cowboys merchandising division?

Dallas Cowboys hired Microsoft to facilitate the visualization process. The visualization process enabled the division to increase its collaboration and analytic application to business process.

Q3: What is the actual generated revenue for the Dallas Cowboys and why do you feel this process was so important to this football team?

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 Q4: What specific challenge did Expedia face related to customer data? Why was this important to its success?

Expedia’s revenues are dependent on customer’s online shopping experience. Thus, the satisfaction of customers is key to Expedia’s overall mission, strategy and success.  The major problem faced by Expedia was the general unavailability of data. The business analysis significantly focused on collecting and aggregating data leaving no time for data analysis. In the end, there was little time left to complete the aggregation of data. This data was necessary for meeting strategic goals.

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