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Business Culture

Employee engagement is one of key importance in business. Nowadays employees are increasingly looking into growth, popularity and gaining social responsibilities and not rather gaining financial compensation. After retirement, there is the need for business to search for key leaders who will transform the company to a different direction. Therefore, they tend to allow the employees to interact with the customers because without engagement, the organization’s influence of brands will decline and top organizations may lose the best workers. Researchers claim that about thirty-seven percent of employees prefer staying with employers while others promote the organization’s product to their friends. Social sciences majorly control the advantages of a great business culture.

Components of Business Culture

Business culture is made up of several factors, and nine of them are discussed below: Firstly, business culture is defined by vision or purpose. The purposes provide guidelines for employees, and they help show the direction that employees follow (Durlabhji, 1993). Values are also important in that they communicate the business’ goals and intention. For example, a company’s set of value may ensure that all personnel behaves professionally towards others. Practices are yet important part of organization’s culture in that they provide a set of guidelines that define employees’ way of treating others since it is believed that it highly contributes to a company’s popularity. In the same way, an organization that values horizontal communication should encourage all employees to participate freely in discussions. More important component of business culture is people values.

A company is built by people since people contribute towards embracing the values and so is the reason why world’s greatest companies have strict recruiting policies. Great entrepreneurs argue that business culture should get respected and choose employees should be one of the important areas of business achievements (Godley, 1996). The fifth key component is narrative, which defines every organization’s story. History is very crucial, and influential companies do not ignore that fact and they believe that the ability to speak out their history as a narrative is what builds them. When a company in able to provide its narration, there are more chances of it gaining popularity, and thereby get identified by a large population. The sixth component is the place, that is, the environment where business members meet each other every single day.

The situation of business, as well as the architectural design of work locations, is essential because, a conducive environment does not only provide morale to workers but also ensures that they behave in a certain unique way (Mitchell, 2008). The place can get seen as geography, office design or architecture and it greatly influences the characteristics that the personnel has. Identification of specific customers who sincerely need your service or product is yet another component. Since you want to create your business model, you have to understand your true customers, their issues, common challenges and the services that your company offers. For example, a business firm may promote their product to everyone but its main objective it to sell to specific groups of people. The other component is determining the key partners to do business. Finally, Choice of partners is important in that they contribute greatly towards the business’s ability to provide services to customers. Also, the key partners will contribute to reaching the company goals and objectives. In creating a business model, identify important partners such as suppliers and advertisers, and position them in strategic point (Schein, 2010).

Bench Craft Company

Bench Craft Company got founded in 1982, and it deals with golf courses and also helps businesses to grow through advertising using the golf course. The company’s growth over the years has been contributed by the successful engagement with employees, based on the three categories of component models. By taking a look at the people-centric values, the company has a culture of how the employees should treat each other with dignity and respect. The company’s growth has been contributed by effective leadership and partnership with various individuals and agents.

Like any other successful corporate business, workers’ interaction is highly valued and managed. Professionalism is also of key importance when dealing with clients. The company is highly influential due to the trust and reputation it has gained throughout the years. Secondly, the delivery and communication channel and styles are very crucial. Since it is a big institution, there are various ways in which communication gets passed to employees and users. For example, they may use face to face, emails, phone and video chats depending on the type of information to get passed to the departments and clients. The company ensures that the frequency at which the engagement is carried out may be ad hoc, planned or continuous, depending on the type of communication to be carried out. Finally, the company’s time drivers are of key importance in the company, in that, they deliver their services to customers professionally at the right time. Their main objective is to earn cash, but they also focus on gaining popularity across the globe. Their catalysts mainly include advertisements.



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