How to Become a Java Developer

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Iteration 1 – Studying Java Technology Concepts


This is the initial step of having the good capture and comprehensive understanding of the concepts regarding the Java technology. Software applications are developed by using Java as a programming language. Therefore, during the iteration, I will be seeking an understanding of all ideas and acquire necessary knowledge behind Java technology. According to how I understand, there is no better way of understanding Java technology concepts comprehensively than reading from books, journals, bulletins, magazines, and other relevant reference materials. Additionally, during the process of learning from the above materials, I will be required to consult widely with Java developers. Therefore, I will seek experts who have engaged in the Java development before for more advice and ways in which I will be able to have a comprehensive understanding of the Java technology concepts.

One of the things that I will be doing is collect books, journals, and other relevant reading materials from the library. Therefore, I will have to visit the nearby library to collect some of the books, journals, and other relevant materials of Java technology and Java programming language. Additionally, I will have to do thorough searches from the Internet on some of the concepts that may not have been highlighted in the books and the journals. However, I will be required to consult on the relevant sites lest I get lost in the process of trying to gain knowledge on Java technology concepts. I will then consolidate all the knowledge I will have gained in the books and the journals into one and answer some of the questions. While answering the questions, I will also seek the help from experts in Java development.


I could not have started learning Java technology concepts and Java programming language without the necessary materials. According to the initial plans, some of the materials I required were books, journals, magazines, and any relevant materials about Java technology. I had also planned that I was going to collect the materials from the library. Therefore, among the first things I did was visiting the local library to collect the materials. Immediately, I visited the library upon which I collected the materials with the help of the librarian.

I passed through the books to see what I was going to learn. I also compared the notes in the journals and the books and found the following:

  1. Elements of Java programming
  2. Built-in types of data
  • Conditionals and loops
  1. Arrays
  2. Input and output
  3. Random web surfer

The above were the main concepts I was supposed to have a comprehensive understanding of before I proceeded to the next iteration. I created a schedule for fifteen days where I was going to learn each of the above concepts in two days. I was going to dedicate the last three days to tackling questions and searching the Internet for more information. I took the first two days to learn and understand elements of Java programming. I learned each of the remaining concepts in that order where within the next ten days I was done. During the learning process, I was consulting widely with the experts. I dedicated the last two days to tackling questions after which I consolidated all the knowledge and concepts on Java technology and programming I had acquired in the process.


There are many ways through which I would have approached the issue of learning Java technology concepts and programming language. However, according to my observation, there was no better way than the one I employed in the process. I also observed that there are many and various materials written about Java technology concepts and programming language, but none is as effective as books and journals. According to what I observed, the library had many books and journals. Additionally, there were many other materials from which I would have had Java technology and programming language concepts. However, some of the books and journals were outdated, and since technology keeps on evolving, they would not have been of help to me.

I observed that it would have been impossible for me to learn on my own. Therefore, I found it advisable to learn through the help of some people. I understand that learning the technology concepts on my own would have presented some problems which would have been difficult to solve if I were to depend on my knowledge and capabilities alone. Some of the other observations I made were the availability of the knowledge and concepts on the Internet. However, such learning materials on the Internet would not have been of much help if I would not have been directed on how to use them. The outcomes of the most of the things I did in the learning process were as effective as I would have wanted. Right from visiting the library to the last thing where I consolidated the knowledge I had gained in the whole learning process. According to what I observed, the learning outcomes were good.


The success I gained in the learning and understanding Java technology concepts and programming language is not attributable to my input alone. Before the achievement of the success, I passed through many hurdles. I succeeded in overcoming some problems and challenges along the way to becoming the person I had become at the last minute. I can attribute some of my success to the librarian. It would have been problematic for to identify the best and relevant journals and books from where I was going to learn Java technology concepts and programming language.

The books and the journals were of great help to me. However, I needed a plan on how I was going to approach the problem and gain as much as possible from the materials. This is where the schedule on learning and understanding the concepts come in. I understand that I would not have gained much from the process if I had approached the problem without a plan. Some of these things which seem little were some of the reasons I achieved success in the iteration.

The knowledge from the Internet searches and the Java development experts was also helpful. It served a big purpose in shaping the person I was to become later and in my career as a Java developer. Other things which went according to the plan were the consolidation of the knowledge and the concepts I had gained in the process. I understand that it would have been difficult for me to tackle the questions and achieve the learning outcomes and objectives of the process. Some of the things such as not consulting widely did not go according to the plans. However, they did not have a significant effect on the final outcomes of the process. Additionally, I achieved most of the things I wanted to achieve.

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