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Response to Question 1

Both the protection from the man made as well as the natural disasters is crucial to the security and well-being of any country. That is because the occurrence of any disaster, regardless of whether it is man made or natural can have a substantial impact on the country’s economy, either directly or indirectly (Alexander, 1993). It is also the mandate of the government to offer adequate security for its citizens because they are the building blocks for the national prowess and security. Man made disasters such as terrorism are a common occurrence nowadays and in my opinions, they are more prevalent than the natural disasters. In any case, the prevention is better compared to the cure. My opinion is that both the natural, as well as the man made disasters, need to receive a similar weight.

However, there are many sources, from which the man made disasters can emanate especially terrorism, be it the cyber terrorism or espionage. The budget allocation to this man made terrorism is high in the FY 2015 for the DHS because of those many areas and the prevalence of these catastrophes. The manmade disasters also such as terrorism are more targeted and can leverage various avenues where the terrorists can find a loophole (Pearce, 2003). For that reason, their budget allocation cannot be equal to the one allocated to addressing the natural disasters although the latter is also important to the security of a nation. However, the allocation of $10.2 billion to support the natural disaster resiliency is not enough for the same because the disasters’ aftermath calls for more funds that are far beyond the amount in allocation in the budget. That amount should be increased so as to avoid panic and confusion in the event of occurrence of a natural disaster.


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