Autism Spectrum Disorders

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WebMD. (n.d).Autism Spectrum Disorders. Retrieved from

The article deliberates the way by outlining the signs and symptoms associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorders which are the social interaction, communication, and the behavior as well as interest. The article further discusses the Autism Spectrum Disorders types of the Asperger’s syndrome, pervasive development disorder and the Autistic disorder alongside others. It defines how the Autism Spectrum Disorders condition is associated with the human brain.

The article is focused on the Autism Spectrum Disorders in young ages by discussing the types of the disorder in the children. This provides a good way of understanding the signs and symptoms associated with the disorder., (n.d). Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Retrieved from

The CDC has developed a program that aims at improving the Autism Spectrum Disorders management. The article describes the condition as a group developmental disabilities that are associated with cause to significant, behavior, communication and social issues. There is the description of the disorder by providing some facts behind it, the signs associated with the disorder, the causes, and the possible required responses.

The article is appropriate prior the description of the activities that are supposed to get considered towards handling the condition.

Smith, M., Segal, J. & Hutman, T., (2016). Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Parent’s Guide to Symptoms and Diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum. Retrieved from

The article clearly discusses the ways of well understanding the Autism Spectrum Disorders alongside the types of the Autism Spectrum Disorders and the signs and symptoms associated with the disorder. There is the extension to outlining the Autism Spectrum Disorders diagnosis.

This is the latest article developed in April to provide a clear knowledge about the Autism Spectrum Disorders by giving a guideline to the parents on the disorder discovery/ diagnosis and management.

Herbert, M. & Weintraub, K. (n.d).Autism Behavior problems. Retrieved from

The article outlines that the disorder is not fixed to the child but can be controlled. In that sense, there is the outlining of figuring out the possible needs of the child and have a search and good understanding of the hidden meaning of the developed behavior. The article outlines the internal and external environment impacts with the outlining of the stabilization, regulation, and the affected sensory breaks.

The article provides good information regarding the understanding of the behavior associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorders thus well fitting for the research study.

TATUM IV, W. O., KAPLAN, P. W., & JALLON, P. (2009). AUTISM. Epilepsy A To Z: A Concise Encyclopedia, 41-42.

The author discusses and presents the definition of autism which is regarded as a neurodevelopmental disorder. There is the discussion of the Autism Spectrum Disorder characteristics that are defined to include the social skills, limited verbal and nonverbal communication as well. The book also outlines the impacts of the Autism Spectrum Disorder such that the children suffering from the disorder do also suffer from epilepsy.

The book is relevant by the fact that the author defines the Autism Spectrum Disorder clearly which is followed by the characterization that defines what the disorder is related. Also, possible prevention and treatment mechanisms are discussed thus being relevant to the study.

Sicile-Kira, C. (2004). Autism spectrum disorders: The complete guide to understanding autism, Asperger’s syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, and other ASDs. New York: Berkeley Pub. Group.

The book provides a good discussion about the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The author starts by describing the myths and history of the Autism Spectrum Disorder followed with the description of what is the disorder and providing a way of identifying a person affected with the disorder. The books extend to providing a description of the major associated causes of the Autism Spectrum Disorder and describing the philosophy behind the behavior of the people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The book is relevant to the research such that it is coherent in providing clear information regarding the Autism Spectrum Disorder by discussing what the disorder is, the causes and associated treatment and prevention measures. The book is quite then suitable to the study with the content it carries.

Prizant, B. M., & Wetherby, A. M. (2005). Autism spectrum disorders: A transactional developmental perspective. Baltimore [u.a.: Brookes.

The book cuts across the discussion of the communication, social, language and behavioral issues that characterizes the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The author was based on the meticulous research of the key areas of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which are the communication, socialization, emotional regulation and the symbolic development. The books then enable the educator to have an understanding and easy way of addressing social and communication problems that are experienced in children with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Also is associated with the enhancement of the intervention and assessment methods.

The book is quite applicable in the research since it provides a good way for the concerned persons to have a good understanding of the principles and the philosophies that are associated with clinical and educational practices that are implemented with the Autism Spectrum Disorder affected children. Therefore, the readers will have a good knowledge in the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Finnegan, E., & Mazin, A. L. (2016). Strategies for Increasing Reading Comprehension Skills in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Review of the Literature. Education & Treatment Of Children, 39(2), 187-219.

The assessment of the students with the Autism Spectrum Disorder is carried out on an increasing level, and this outlines the need for providing the strategies that are appropriate in improving the students skills of reading comprehension. The author did synthesize the results of 15 studies that indicated the use of direct instruction (DI) and the graphic organizers as the appropriate strategies.

The journal is appropriate to the point that has been developed in e recent times to provide a clear view on the possible strategies that can be adopted in increasing the power of reading to the students with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The article provides a good development on the knowledge required in the management of the Autism Spectrum Disorder condition.  This defines the good development o the research.

Pivovarciova, A., Durdiakova, J., Babinska, K., Kubranska, A., Vokalova, L., Minarik, G., & … Ostatnikova, D. (2016). Testosterone and Androgen Receptor Sensitivity about Hyperactivity Symptoms in Boys with Autism Spectrum Disorders. PLoS ONE, 11(2), 1-15. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0149657

The male is at risk with the Autism Spectrum Disorder whereby there is the altering of the hormone system. There was study developed on finding the relationship between the androgenic parameters and the hyperactivity in a total of 60 boys aged between 3 to 15 years. A questionnaire was conducted, and it was outlined that there is no a relationship between the actual plasmatic testosterone and the hyperactivity symptoms. Therefore, a potential Autism Spectrum Disorder can be characterized by the increase in the rate of the hyperactivity symptoms and demands a behavioral and pharmacological approach.

The journal article author tries to focus on the effects that are associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorder as far as the reproduction hormones are concerned in males. This focuses on addressing the fertility issue thus making it quite appropriate.

Associated Press (Producer). (2014). Scientists develop the robot to diagnose autism [Streaming video]. Retrieved from Associated Press Video Collection database.

Filip Cukelj and his classmate Luka Jakab are used in the experimentation by the scientists and doctors to have the understanding of how to develop the diagnosis robot. Filip’s parents had been informed of their child having the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Rene robot is set before the children where it recorded the responses of the children and records the responses and creates the data that will get used by the health professionals and pediatricians in studying on the designing of the robot Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses.

The video is appropriate in the development of the machine that will facilitate the easy diagnosis of the Autism Spectrum Disorder in both children and adults. Therefore, it is relatively appropriate in the researching for improving the of autism diagnosis.

Associated Press (Producer). (2007). US court hears of vaccine-autism link [Streaming video]. Retrieved from Associated Press Video Collection database.

Michelle Cedilio, 12 years old goes to court to challenge the government over the test case results that allegedly outlines that childhood vaccinations do cause Autism Spectrum Disorder. The claim principal behind is the Thimerosal substance that was used for the preservation of the vaccines. The substance has been approved by the government that it is harmful getting to draw that relationship that substance is associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The mother describes the devastating health problems that her daughter is undergoing.

The video is quiet about the research by the fact that vaccination is conducted to reduce the infections. The court challenging was to pave the way for further investigations and research regarding the vaccines impacts to the protection of the future life.

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