Assisted Euthanasia

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Assisted Euthanasia refers to providing the means of ending the life of a patient with the knowledge of the patient’s intention. In assisted euthanasia, someone usually makes the means of death available. As nurses, we tend to have the opportunity of creating an environment where the patient feels comfortable to express their feelings, despair, conflict, and thoughts. In this nursing profession, we should always respect the patient. Despite having our views regarding life and death, a nurse should always maintain an open mind and ensure that you listen to and acknowledge the expression of the patient of hopelessness, sadness, and suffering (Ersek, 2004).

It is the nurse’s responsibility to seek to understand the meaning of the request for assisted euthanasia and continue demonstrating a commitment to and respect for the patient. My position on this case is that the request for assisted euthanasia can relate to numerous factors that include unrelieved pain, depression, feelings, fear of isolation, a sense of hopelessness, and the feeling of loss of control. Therefore, as a nurse, it is necessary to avoid the judgment of patient or even their experiences and realize that only the person who is suffering can be able to define the suffering. Thus, as the nurse, it is your role to explore the issues surrounding request for assisted euthanasia with the patient and also with the family members (Dempski&Westrick 2009). The nurse needs to listen compassionately to the request of the patient and should recognize the boundaries of the acceptable ethical practices. In the end, it is the nurse’s obligation to offer relief of suffering, comfort, and also a death that is congruent with the desires and values of the dying person.


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