Assignment-Readings on war and terrorism

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The article in this essay is “10 reasons the US is no longer the land of the free” by Turley Jonathan. The author disputes the Americans consideration of the US as a free nation. Americans often proclaim the country as a symbol of freedom to the globe unlike nations such as Cuba and China; however, the nation might just be half right (Turley, 2012). These nations considered as unfree lack basic individual rights, but the US has many such similarities to these states. Various powers got obtained by the American government after the occurrences of 9/11, however, place the country in a troubling company. They include the assassination of citizens, arbitrary justice, warrantless searches, indefinite detention, secret evidence, secret court, war crimes, continual monitoring of citizens, immunity from judicial review and extraordinary renditions.

I strongly agree with the claims of the author against the US policies. The policies violate the rights and freedoms of the citizens the country seeks to protect. Since the terrorist attacks of the world trade center took place, the US has developed various unchecked powers. Just like the claims of the author, I agree that policy makers who mostly are politicians are responsible for placing America in this situation.

When the article gets compared to other articles, there are some similarities as well as differences. For instance, in the article “What might cause another 9/11?” a judge asks a terrorist what they think of using a bomb to kill an innocent woman and children. The terrorist replied that the US is in the forefront in killing and destroying the lives of innocent people in Afghanistan using drones. However, other articles insist on the use of maximum power to deal with terrorist so as to prevent future attacks.


Turley, Jonathan. “10 reasons the US is no longer the land of the free.” Washington Post 13 (2012).

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