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Research Template


Week 5 Template Qualitative Article  
Purpose statement





The article is an inductive qualitative research done by Israeli nursing students (Arieli, 2013).


Problem statement





The study aims to add to the body of research on studied aiming to explore and promote better learning methods and the subjective experiences of students. Understanding these aspects is essential in ensuring proper clinical placement of students as a crucial aspect of their nursing education. The placement is both essential for acquiring skills in nursing as well as a forming of a professional identity. Thus, Arieli in this study aims to find out how students do experience the clinical placement in a diverse setting and how to cope with emotional challenges. The researcher interviews the Israeli nursing students to finds out how the clinical environments characteristics by social tensions and the ethical diversity of student and how they manage to work in the same environment (Arieli, 2013).


Literature Review





The researcher makes use of current and relevant studies from 2005. These are studies which relate to the research problem of the study. These earlier studies have shown that clinical placement does present nurses with stress and emotionally challenging aspects. The studies also show the relationships between discomfort and fear, and the feelings of being ignored, devalued, rejected and invisible in the eyes of the management. The researcher also uses an old study that is still relevant to the discussion topic such as the work of Smith (1992) to define nursing as an emotional work that focuses on caring for patients. There is also an early study by Gibbs (2005) on an international research that diversity has an impact on the academic integration in influencing the satisfaction of diverse needs of students (Arieli, 2013).
Framework or Theoretical Perspective





The researcher applies the concept of emotional work to analyze the coping strategies and emotional challenges in studying the learning processes and experiences of students within the context of ethnic and diversity tensions.

The study’s theoretical framework is the phenomenological sociology of theoretical grounding of a qualitative research study. The study uses an inductive logic analysis (Arieli, 2013).


Research questions and hypotheses





     The research question for this study is, “how do nursing students experience clinical placement in a diversity setting?

How do nursing students cope with the emotional challenges involved with working in a diverse environment (Arieli, 2013)?



Variables (dependent & independent)

Demographic variables





     The independent variable for the study is the clinical placement. The dependent variables are the ethnic backgrounds of students, they emotional strains and challenges arising from the clinical placement.

A total of twenty students were eligible for the interview. There are 9 Jews (7 Women and 2men), 1 Circassia, and Ten Arabs (5 women and five men) (Arieli, 2013).



Appropriateness of Design





The researchers utilized in-depth interviews among the 20 students. The analysis of the interviews was through categorization and coordinating. The qualitative research method is the appropriate design for the study since its aim is to find out students views and feelings about the clinical placement (Arieli, 2013).
Validity of the research






     The study only provides the perspectives of students and it does not capture the opinions of the nursing staff and clinical instructors. For this study to be more valid, it had to explore both these issues so that we understand the emotional work that is part of the clinical experience. Also, the research sample of 20 interviewees is a small number form a single class. Thus, it is hard to generalize the findings of this study to other contexts (Arieli, 2013).


Efficacy of the study

Were questions resolved





The study managed to answer its research question. First, it noted that nursing students do experience emotional challenges and strains in their clinical placement which become an emotional work. The researcher also answered the question of how a diversity of a clinical environment leads to challenges among nursing students. These challenges mainly arise from language barriers and lack of a proper learning process (Arieli, 2013).
Legal & Ethical issues

Human subject protection






The participants were expected to volunteer for the study and not forced. The ethical committee was consulted to grant the researcher an ethical approval to go ahead to complete the study. All participants were aware of the nature of the study and that their confidentiality maintenance. The identifying details of the participants such as names changing (Arieli, 2013).
Cultural aspects





The sample is representative of gender, national and ethnic composition of the sample which is proportional to the cultural composition of the class (Arieli, 2013).





The sample aimed to explore the experiences of students who had completed their first rotation in the hospital department. The sample was from third-year students who were 80 in total. Out of these students, 20 students agreed to be in the study. The sample comprised of 9 Jews, ten Arabs and one Circassia (Arieli, 2013).
Describe procedures





Each student undertook the interview individually. The interviewees enabled students to reflect on their clinical experience (Arieli, 2013).
Describe results





The study finds out that students experiences were with all forms of emotional strains. Data showed that diversity in the clinical placement experience also added to the emotional strain (Arieli, 2013).
How results of research may impact future nursing practice





The implication of this study is that language training should be an important aspect to nurse students. There is also need for clinical instructors to include diversity and emotional issues as part of their training (Arieli, 2013).
Applies research to student’s nursing practice





The students nursing practice has to incorporate supervision and consultation aspects with clinical instructors (Arieli, 2013).



Arieli, D, Ph.D. (2013) Emotional Work and Diversity in Clinical Placements of Nursing Students. Journal of Nursing Scholarship.45, 2; ProQuest Central

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