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The company markets its product in various ways so as to attract potential customers as well as maintain current customers. The Puma product in the image can easily get purchased by new customers as compared to other shoe brands. The creator of the Puma shoe advert or the company put into consideration various qualities that attract buyers to a product. The advert incorporates the five senses in human therefore more appealing to buyers.

One of the properly utilized quality in the Puma shoe advert is attention seeking. The colors used in the advert are appropriate and also the use of a ball and a person’s feet with shoe lace and knots on them creates a fast impression as well as attracts primary and initial attention buyers. The color mixture and patterns in the image easily create a fascinating image to a consumer. The attention created by potential buyers is in an interesting way hence most of the people who see the advert would probably want to know more about the product.

Second, although the advert is eye-catching, it is also incredibly simple hence, would easily get understood by persons who see it. For instance, the image only comprises of the word “PUMA” and a short phrase “Perfect fit”. The two are easily readable, easy to understand and short hence communicating the message to the audience in an effective and efficient way. A good advertisement should have short, straightforward and understandable word that viewer easily understands and interprets (Bose, 2012). Another quality that the advert takes into consideration is comfortability of the product. The creator of the advert ensures that they indicate that the product perfectly fits the buyer. This quality would easily induce or persuade people to purchase the Puma shoe.

The Puma advert image also incorporates an entreating aspect to the product. The product in the image would probably suit individuals participating in games and sports such as footballers. Therefore, the use of a ball in the image quickly attracts the target audience. The creator knows that the product may not produce a positive impression to all consumers; however, by using the ball they caption the attention of the target buyers. Another appropriate approach that may get used to providing an entertaining element to a product is the use of humor.

The Puma image is also extremely memorable to a consumer. The “Perfect fit” advertising slogan is not only suggesting to a consumer but also memorable. A person can easily remember as well as imitate the slogan hence effectively marketing the product. Also, the image advert of the product is unique thus, can easily get recognized as well as can easily stand out and get noticed among other images. This quality, as well as the unique brand and its logo, assist in achieving the image objectives.

The advert also entails an aspect of creativity that suggests and leads to a certain response among the various audiences. The shoelaces and knots drawn on both feet will amaze a consumer, who will likely want to acquire more information about the product. However, considering that there is no face of the person whose feet have been used to show emotions, it is also likely that a consumer may assume that the shoelaces that appear to have got knitted inside the skin, cause pain to the person.

The Puma product advert creates an excellent appeal and also markets the product adequately to the audience. It is as a result of incorporating all the qualities of a good advertisement as well as considering the five senses.


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