Air Quality in UAE

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California community lives within a contaminated environment where the air is highly polluted due to high exposure to ozone. Other sources of pollution include emission of particles informs of fumes from industries. Fine particulate particles of soot lodge deep in lungs contributing to acute bronchitis, pneumonia as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. California community suffers from asthma and pneumonia due to an excessive elevation of high pollution levels. Most of California community lives in areas that do not meet federal clean air standards.  Due to dirty air economy of the community has decreased by the huge amount of income being spent in hospitals to facilitate treatment of diseases (John et al., 2010). A Huge amount of money is used as expenses to cater for the treatment of infected individuals. Most affected regions include San Joaquin and four counties of south coast air basin.

California community affected air pollution is diagnosed with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Most affected population includes young children under the age of 15 years. According to study patients suffering from asthma included children aged from 17 years of age and below.   Asthma disease has increased and spread across entire country due to polluted air.   High levels of pollution are caused by lack of proper implementation of air pollution standards (John et al., 2010). The high cost of spending has been incurred by private insurers as well as public purchasers like Medicare. However, California community health care expenses can be reduced through reducing and controlling air pollution caused by excessive ozone and smoke emissions.

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Dirty air is one of health care facility that has been mishandled due to lack of properly disposing of waste fumes.  Air pollution is harmful to human health and causes a negative impact to economy and standards of living. The impact of pollution affects insurance companies and employers who encounter financial constraints (Himabindu, & Bhramara, 2016). Quality standards of air maintenance should be enhanced to ensure the community has the clean and sufficient environment. Air pollution causes illnesses in the respiratory system, cardiovascular diseases, and asthma. Air pollution can contribute to a nearly entire nation suffering from chronic diseases making country encounter unproductive population due to weak bodies. Poor management of pollution reveals a lack of responsibility and poor concern of leaders on interests of the public. Dirty air affects children and adults by making their health weak. Breakdown of diseases as well as effects of flu are encountered among sick people. Increased pollution of air has been contributed by failure to implement standard required to maintain environment clean and favorable to residents. The entire public should maintain the quality of air by combining their efforts. Private insurers, employers, as well as public insurance programs should take responsibility for ensuring that air has been purified (John et al., 2010).

Methods implemented to make polluted air pure are through following and implementing clean air standards and procedures across the state. Federal clean air standards provide methods for maintaining clean air for public interests (Himabindu, & Bhramara, 2016). Policies should be enforced to reduce the emission of smoke particles in the air as one of the strategies to control air pollution in California. Acts and laws defining how pollutants should be handled should be clearly defined by state authorities for industries to follow (Himabindu, & Bhramara, 2016). Industrial standards should enforce all industries to install air purifiers as well as air converters to ensure that polluted air is not emitted in the environment.


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