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A conversation between two persons, a lady and a man at the school garden was observed and predicted using only the nonverbal cues. The man sat on the ground while the lady lay on her back with her head resting on the man’s legs. This posture by the two signalized that it was an easy conversation, with little or no arguments or any heated debate. The man was caressing the lady’s hair although the conversation. The two did not maintain eye-to-eye contact during their conversation, but the lady would frequently turn and look at the man in a manner as to affirm a statement or a comment. The conversation entailed a certain aspect of humor as the two were frequently smiling and laughing. The lady’s hands were often playing with objects such as her phone and sometimes patting the guy’s hands. From the nonverbal cues and nonverbal behavior observed, I think the two persons were having a romantic conversation between two lovers or even a friendly chat between two close friends. The up close and personal distance between the two individuals suggest that it is a close intimate relationship in which the topic of the conversation would be a social topic such as love, music, art, marriage, or life in general.

Nonverbal communication can be used to communicate a message without involving words or can be used to determine a person’s feelings, thoughts and intentions without necessary including words. Nonverbal communication in communication accommodation theory gets included in speech accommodation. Much of communication can take place through nonverbal channels such as gestures and facial expressions and also nonverbal behavior in social interaction that often occurs automatically or unconsciously.

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