Active Lesson 7

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In my offender reentry is a critical contemporary concern in the criminal justice system as numerous persons rejoin the community from prisons. The criminal justice focuses on reducing the population of most overcrowded jails and the transition from jail to prison is always difficult. It is a relevant topic in the 21st century that must not get ignored as numerous persons are undergoing through it and it impacts us broadly. Offender Reentry refers to the complicated intersection between offender reintegration and community safety. Ex-prisoners in the society must get an opportunity to prove themselves again, to acquire skills necessary to function in society and have a chance to work and also use the social services available in the community. Various reentry programs have got formulated to assist in the offender reentry process.

Various challenges hinder the successful reentry of ex-prisoners in the society. First, there is a significant challenge since most ex-prisoners depend on families and relatives for shelter and support in the first 2-3 months after release. Low-income families have a great challenge in supporting returnees in the society. Another difficult challenge is acquiring employment opportunities in the society as well as maintaining the jobs they find in the society. According to Kuehn (2008) service providers and community leaders regard employment to be a contributing primary factor to a successful offender reentry. Some of the ex-prisoners are fortunate to get jobs however they are low-skill jobs that offer low wages such as manual laborers in the construction industry and fields such as food service, wholesale, manufacturing industries and maintenance and repair.

These difficult circumstances encountered by ex-prisoners are significant factors that result in high recidivism and parole violations. It is crucial that special programs get formulated to cater for ex-prisoners reentry in the community.


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