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Describe the components of a healing hospital and their relationship to spirituality.

In planning a new hospital, a significant focus lies on the number of beds it will house and the location of each department as well as the number of employees. However, for a healing hospital, the main goal is to ensure that the patients are safe and comfortable. The major components are a healing physical environment, integrating work design and technology, as well as having a culture of radical loving care (Eberst, n.d).

A healing physical environment focuses not only on the care for patients, but also for the employees, caregivers, and the family. The provision of a loving, compassionate, and a pleasing environment promote healing. A healing hospital applies the integration of work design and technology. The providers require working more efficiently to provide additional privacy and security for the patients (Marciarille, 2011). They also require using technology to enhance the healing environment. The technologically advanced equipment allows healing hospitals to offer the best in healthcare services and also enhance the pace of delivery.

A healing hospital ought to have a culture of radical loving care. A hospital that does not have compassionate care and commitment to the philosophy cannot have a healing objective. The culture reminds providers for the sole purpose of the health care setting (Chapman, 2013).

Regarding spirituality and healing hospitals, the care providers consider the emotional aspect. People do not change into one-dimensional beings when they are under care. Thus, their needs like emotions increase when in pain and require proper care considering the pain and the need for treatment. The healing hospitals are not against the modern medicine and practices, drugs, and technologies; but are on a mission to restore balance in the modern health care delivery systems. Thus, the healing hospitals have more focus on the comprehensive impacts of care to the patient that make them appear spiritual.

What are the challenges of creating a healing environment in light of the barriers and complexities of the hospital environment?

A healing hospital is known to be reliable in offering successful results. However, there are challenges they face about establishment and growth. Technology is a major hindrance in which there are technologies that defy the aging process. Healing hospitals do not accept death and state that there should be a loving care approach that identifies that the body, mind, and spirit are unified.

Another challenge is the business factors in which the health care industry has become money minting factories at the expense of the patients. There is increased research and designing of new drugs which receives a significant portion of the budgetary allocation. Little goes to the loving care required by patients in the hospital.

Bureaucracy makes the hospitals operate like prisons where patients have limited freedom. They ought to wear a certain type of clothes, be visited during specific hours, and live within specific rooms. The practice does not align with the nature of a healing hospital. Some family members are not allowed to visit the patient when in odd hours that contradicts the biblical teaching about the care for the sick and the needy. Hospitals should be a place to demonstrate love and compassion as well as the holistic care that lacks in the non-healing hospitals (Eberst, n.d).

In reference to the biblical teaching about the Good Samaritan in Luke 10: 30-37, it is important to show love to our neighbors in need. The neighbor is any person in need regardless of the relationship with them. Thus, healing hospitals seek to extend similar experiences to the patients in need. They transform the hospital settings from a setting where health care professionals report to work, but also to show compassion and loving care.


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