3D printers

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Summary Sentence

The inclusion of the stepper motor to the 3D printers is an attribute that although has been considered inefficient by has numerous advantages that outweigh the concerns related to the inability to regulate it due to resonance vibrations and the additional difficulty to operate at higher speeds by the printer since the absence of the motor leads to a situation whereby the quality of products that are produced are of a poor quality, an attribute that beats logic in that there is going to be additional costs that are associated with re-doing the initial work.

Argument Reconstruction

P1. The 3D printer encompasses a paperweight whose chief role is the reception of instructions at different speeds, telling the printer what it is going to print as well as how it is going to print, which implies that the printer is meant to implement the instructions as they come.

P2: It additionally follows that the motors in these printers have a small circuit controller that has functions by sending instructions to the motor relaying instructions on its movement regarding the speed and length. The implication of this assertion is the fact that although the printers are designed to print different elements as per the instructions, it is the presence of the motor that ensures that the printing is implemented in the rights way and the light speed.

P3. The implication of the motor found in the 3D printer supports the assertion that the development of products that meet the users demand is dependent on the presence of the motors as it follows that the printed materials meet all the dimension requirements of the user. In this case, the printed products will meet the specification that the user demands the products, an attribute that may not have been tenable without the inclusion of the motors.

P4: It is additionally evident that the printing needs to meet the accuracy expectation, the motor that is in the 3D printer ensures that the possible errors that may occur in a previous step cannot get accumulates to the next step of the printer in light of the motor’s superior precision and effective repetitive action.

P4: the fact that the inclusion of the motor in the 3D printer promotes the near real-time response to the diverse commands it receives further promotes the effectiveness of the diverse operations. The attribute that underlies the premise is the fact that the motor exhibits excellent response when it is being started stooped as well as reversed an attribute that ensures it produces superior quality products.

P5: 3D products are preferred for their excellent quality and replication of the actual product. In this case, the inclusion of the motor along with the fact that they do not have any brushes ensures that they exhibit the utmost reliability. In that case, the assessment of the quality of their products is solely dependent on their lifespan. This premise is further supported by the fact that the proportionality of the pulse frequencies in a motor ensures that it has a wide range of speed.

The assessment of the above premises thus offers reliable basis to support the inclusion of motors in the 3D printers considering that they will exert phenomenal role in the promoting the attainment of excellent 3D printed products.

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